The biggest corruption affair of 90s today in Lucerna cinema

The festival will be opened by the Spanish film Smoke & Mirrors by the director Alberto Rodríguez on 6 April. Bribes, star witnesses, secret services and billions in foreign accounts – the largest Spanish corruption scandal of the 1990s and the story of a man who deceived the entire Spain.

This suspenseful spy film received a number of awards, including the Silver Shell at the San Sebastián Film Festival for the best acting performance in a leading role for Eduard Fernández and the Feroz Zinemaldia Award for the best film. The Goya Award for the best adapted screenplay should also be mentioned.

The producer Francisco Javier Ramos Quiñones will arrive to personally present the film at the opening. He produced the successful and acclaimed film El Método by Marcelo Piñeyra and is now preparing a film by Mateo Gila, the author of screenplays for films such as Vanilla Sky, The Sea Inside, Open Your Eyes or Agora.


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