Wilder Than Wilderness

  • Planeta Česko
  • Section: Mother Nature
  • Czech republic
  • 2017 / 81 min
  • Director: Marián Polák
  • Narrator: Kryštof Hádek
  • Czech version

Contact: Aerofilms

The Czech countryside is more varied than most places in the world. There is beauty and adventure at our fingertips, just take a good look around! Thanks to state of the art technology, the first feature length film on Czech wildlife and nature brings home the fascinating adventures of animals and plants that live all around us.

Watch a grouse do its mating dance at dawn, see rare marmots cavorting with children in the meadow, catch a king fisher crashing headfirst through the surface of the water, follow salmon on their journey from Czech rivers to the sea and back, or observe garter snakes in a dramatic fight with their aquatic prey. Go along on a thrilling expedition to see mouflons, beavers, blue moor frogs and dozens of other heroes, some of which you may never have heard of. The wilderness begins at your doorstep!


Světozor (Praha) – malý sál Buy Sat 06.4. 15:00
Lucerna (Praha) Wed 10.4. 09:00


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