Superchamp Returns

  • Superjhemp retörns
  • Section: Best of
  • Luxembourg, Belgium
  • 2018 / 100 min
  • Director: Félix Koch
  • Cast: André Jung, Désirée Nosbusch, Etienne Halsdorf, Jules Werner, Luc Feit
  • Luxembourgish with English subtitles

Contact: Samsa Film

Luxemburg must be saved from a cosmic catastrophe. But who will they call? A former superhero who has settled down and is in the midst of a midlife crisis…

When your job as a clerk isn’t fulfilling you, your wife still loves you, just not like before, and your teenage son doesn’t take you seriously, you might be having a midlife crisis. This is exactly what happened to Carl Kuddel. Twenty years earlier, he had been fighting criminals as Superjhemp, the masked superhero, but now all his superpowers have vanished. Yet, when Luxemburg becomes imperiled by a threat from outer space, he must pull himself together and put on his superhero costume and hood. First, however, he will have to come to terms with his greatest fear – his wife and son’s disdain.


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