• Únos
  • Section: Best of
  • Slovakia
  • 2017 / 95 min
  • Director: Mariana Čengel Solčanská
  • Cast: Rebeka Poláková, Milan Mikulčík, David Hartl, Vladislav Plevčík, Ján Greššo, Juraj Hrčka, Maroš Kramár, Ady Hajdu
  • Slovak version

Contact: Continental Film

Slovakia in the 90s. The President’s son has been kidnapped and themafia is the suspect. However, it soon becomes evident that thesituation is more complicated than it appeared and the case likelyreaches up into the highest political echelons.

The president and the prime minister can’t stand one another. So thePM decides to discredit his adversary by kidnapping his son who hasan international warrant out for his arrest. How will so fledgling asociety react to this act after surviving decades of totalitarian rule? Apolitical thriller based on real events in Slovakia.



Světozor (Praha) Buy Thu 04.4. 18:00
Kino Junior (Jablonec nad Nisou) Sun 21.4. 20:00


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