Case: Osterberg introduced by Slovenian delegacion

Case Osterberg_ok

Today, the film Case: Osterberg will be personally introduced by the director Matej Nachtigal and his colleagues Zoran Benčić (author of the screenplay), Tomi Matic (producer), Amir Mureškić (co-producer) and Andrija Zafranović (editing). Large crew arrives at Lucerna for the screening of the film at 8:45. The intertwined noir thriller, depicting the struggle for power, resembels the American series The Wire. The film was based on the book by Zoran Bencic Psi brezčasja and won the Slovenian Film Critics Award for Best Feature Film at the Slovenian FF 2015.

Trailer and more info about the movie is here.

Photos from the opening of DEF.


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